The FUN in Chasing A Dream by Derek Atchley

So here I sit, in Kauai…

No not yet, (everyone keeps asking if we are living here yet. And I love that because it is creating a truth!) but I have been here for two weeks with my family for a couple conferences and some fun. The thing is, as many of you know this is my family’s dream… To live here.

There is a lot of fun that goes into chasing that dream, BUT…

There is a lot of thinking and planning and dare I say stressing. Well, at least for me there is. You see my personality is the type that like to have all the pieces figured out and in place. I am realizing that this might not be one of those things. I mean there are some things that HAVE to be figured out before we can move. Things like where our income will come from and well yeah, that is about it.


The thing I have learned in my time in studying the Master Key system and books like “Think and Grow Rich” is that is actually very easy. It’s all there, everything I need to create anything that I wish, AND it actually has already been created. It is just waiting for me to realize it and do it. I know that sounds a little to easy or maybe a little to pie in the sky type of thing. But it really is true. Everything you have right now in your life, YOU created it. Whether by conscious or unconscious choice you did it… I did it… we all have done it.

Think of life like the hologram deck in Star Trek, they operator picks the program and then gets to experience the journey. Our lives, our wants, our DREAMS are just like that!!! We really do have the power to pick the program and then go live it. We have just been so mucked up in our thoughts that we think that we are merely just a participant in this journey and not the director. BUT WE ARE!!!!

So, it is a lot of fun to chase your dreams and desires. When you step back and realize that we can have anything we wish, and sure there are some ups and downs in going after that. But, the KEY is to have the eye on the desire. As Hill, says “A desire back by plan charged with emotion is unstoppable”!!


So as I sit here in the back of a room of inspired, motivated people chasing their dreams and me sitting here in mine I wanted to share with you and really with me that…

It is doable, and achievable!!! And it really is fun when you realize that it (what ever “IT” is for you) is waiting for you, you have already created and achieved it and are living in it. It is up to you whether you are going to go into that program and enjoy it or not.

So in the spirit of chasing and living in your dreams…

Go GET it!!!!

To the Journey,

Derek Atchley


Your Future You is Calling by Derek Atchley

I received a message from a friend today, asking me about some plans I had. It had been a while since I had thought much about them. We had gone so far that my wife and I had put together a video to really invoke the feeling we were going for with those plans. You know… Tie in Emotion to really vitalize and energize the subby into creation.

So as I watched this video that I haven’t watching in about 7 months, my eyes welled up, and my heart began to race a bit. I felt a calling and a purpose…. I actually felt at home in those 2 minutes. I felt that I had been putting someone off though, like an old friend someone that I was supposed to do something for.

As I reflected in both the message from the friend and the emotions from the video I realized who it what that I was putting off and why I got so emotional about it… I was putting ME off! Not the me of right now, but the future me, the person I am supposed to become.

Funny thing is we talked about this on a call this weekend for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  We spoke of how it is actually harder to stay in the box and shrink to someone you are not, rather than rising to the person you were meant to be. Now, first swipe at this many would disagree, many would say they are just fine not pushing the limits, and I myself have had these back and forth discussion with myself about this. But the truth is the truth.

Let me give you this thought, it is very similar to finding out that the World is round and then continuing to fight and hang on to the flat Earth theory. It’s takes a lot of work, a lot of mental fighting to stay in the flat earth camp, right? Well the same is really true when you see a glimpse of who you really are and what you really were meant to do while you are here. Once the covers have been pulled back you can not un-see that.

I believe that all of us at one point or another have seen the us we are supposed to become, it might have been in the morning commute sitting in traffic, a dream at night, a feeling as we were doing something. Whatever it was you have felt it, and you have probably reflected on what would happen if I acted on this?

That’s kinda the point of life isn’t it?

Why are so many of us droning away day after day, not answering the call? Can you imagine for one moment if THAT is what we were encouraged to do with life? Not, go to school; get a job; work your life away till you retire; then try and live out a bucket list. OMG!!!! It really becomes like the matrix… Life is what we choose it to be, the person we are is who we chose to be. Why then are so many of us choosing to be less that what we really are?


I know that many people are striving and trying to get there. They read all the self-help gurus and listen to positive motivational stuff, thinking the answer lies there. If they could just get to one more seminar, or hear one more piece of information from the person or that one. When all the time, they have a feeling deep inside, that’s not where the answer lies. They feel they already know the answer. They feel they already know the way. Maybe, just maybe all that other stuff is like white noise, keeping you distracted from the Wisdom from within.

My goal in this post is to inspire you to look within for the answers, the guidance. You know who you are supposed to be, you know what you are meant to become.

That person is there waiting for you to show up.

That life is waiting for you to live it.

Mahalo for being you!


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The Not So Accidental Tourists by Kathy Watts

The Not So Accidental Tourists

I have a confession to make. For the past 32 months, my husband, Kyle, and I have been essentially homeless. On any given day we know where we’re going to sleep that night, while usually having no idea what next week will bring. The oddest part: this homelessness doesn’t stress us out. Being homeless was a conscious choice put in motion years ago. You see, we’re full time travelers. We wanted a life of travel and the flexibility of being expats. So we made it happen. This is our story.

Shortly after we started dating in 2001, we began talking about one day being able to take a few years off when we were in our late 40’s or early 50’s to travel the world (we were in our late 20’s and early 30’s then). Even back then, we knew we had it all within ourselves to get to where we wanted to be and we had a really great, albeit very conventional, life in the US for the first 10 years of our relationship. We had the house, the cars, the social life, fancy vacations, and the jobs to pay for it all. We were happy, but not content. Something was missing.

Our passion was always travel; to explore this world together. Every chance we got, we indulged ourselves in it. And we dreamed and talked about doing it more.


I’m the daughter of a psychologist. He has always been interested in positive thought philosophy, the use of humor and positive thinking, and the body mind connection. My father’s favorite questions were always, “What are you doing for fun? What are you doing that makes you happy?” It is a defining thought in my life: the idea that life should be about doing what you want to do and not what you end up stuck doing. I was introduced to the Master Keys early in life, and I had experienced the true power of the Keys and of the mind. I knew that life is what you create it to be.

So Kyle and I sat down and figured out what we wanted our life to be. We wanted to explore, to slow down and soak in this world, to ask questions and have new experiences, to connect with people and places, and to share all of that with the world. With the help of The Keys, we quietly worked and plotted to make that happen. We had vision boards and we spent time daily meditating and working on our goals. We pared down our life in order to live off one paycheck and banked the other one. Every choice in our life, big or small, was made with the ultimate goal in mind. The plan was to head out on this grand adventure sometime in our late 40’s or early 50’s.

And then, in late 2010, the universe tapped us on the shoulder. We were working stressful jobs and had little time to ourselves. We’d taken a trip to Jamaica and on the plane on the way home I couldn’t stop crying. My body and soul were physically and emotionally rebelling against our life back in the states. We realized that we really just wanted to be on the road. It is where we are always the happiest. And we get to be together, one of our favorite things.

We went home and pulled out the Master Keys again. It was January 2011. We rewrote the vision board to move up the timetable. We focused on our goal and on making everything happen sooner. We didn’t do the entire 26 weeks again, but we did take the principles and the exercises and applied them.

Then Kyle’s mom passed away in the early spring of 2011. She was old, but it was still devastating; an unexpected accident rather than a peaceful death in her sleep. She was a widow and Kyle had been taking care of her for a long time. We were all really close. We would never have considered leaving on this trip without her blessing (she was always super supportive). And we couldn’t leave on this trip while she was still alive because we just couldn’t leave her behind. It was devastating. We put our plans on hold for a few months after she passed.

And then, one day in the late spring, Kyle announced that he didn’t think we should wait any longer. “Let’s tell everyone we’re leaving in a year and just do it.” We started telling everyone that summer that we were leaving in May 2012. People were shocked! Even some of our closest family and friends. Let me tell you, the universe definitely starts throwing things in your way to test you at that point. We had people berate us, tell us we were crazy, selfish, lying, irresponsible, etc. We dealt with unexpected family emergencies and all sorts of craziness. If there was a distraction that could be created, it was. And we had to deal with them, and keep on truckin’ right on through to our dream. It was the hardest time to focus and also the easiest time to focus. We had to give up all the things that you have to give up to have your dream. But letting go of our old life was so much easier than I ever would have thought.

In May 2012, we hopped on a plane to Ecuador. We were ten years ahead of our original schedule. Before we left, the longest trip we had ever taken was three weeks and we had never slept in a hostel. There was NOTHING of our old life to return to if this didn’t work out. We had “burned all the boats” so to speak. Sold everything we owned, let go of our house, sold our cars. That is how committed we were. We were excited and terrified. As the plane descended into Quito, Ecuador and we saw the city lights, we clutched each other’s hands and giggled. It was easy for us to take that great leap into the unknown because, for us, it wasn’t really that unknown. We’d envisioned it and lived it in our minds for so long. To our true inner selves, this was familiar and comforting. Our minds, and the Master Keys, had shown us the way.

Now the world is our home.

Kat & Kyle-Beng Melea-Cambodia-2014


These days, while everyone else we know is stressing out about work and life and dreaming of a vacation, we are living our dream: traveling to new places, warming our toes in the sand, rafting rivers, exploring ruins, learning new languages, trying new foods, meeting new people.

That’s not to say we don’t work hard. We do. But we only do it about 20 hours a week and it’s creative work we enjoy doing ­ writing, photography, consulting. After work is done, we head

out to board down a volcano, swim with sea turtles, drink coffee with our local friends, or walk on a beach. Our version of a successful life is very different from the typical one, but it is perfect for us. We live every second of our life now. There is no waiting, no biding time, no dreaming about someday. Because someday is code for never. The Master Keys have always been our most powerful tool in all of this, helping us to realize our full power to create and shape our world, even as our original dream of a 2 year trip has evolved into an even bigger dream: a dream of a full time life on the road as expats.

We have a burning desire. A direct major purpose. A plan of action. A positive mental attitude about what we are doing and can do going forward. We know who we want to be and we know we are already those people in the Universal mind. We just need to manifest it in the empirical world. We are determined and passionate about our destination. We are each other’s Masterminds. We are a team. We always believe. And now, here we are.

If there is one thing I can tell you from this side of your dream it is this: When you are on your side and you haven’t realized your dream yet, it seems like so much work and an effort in resources (time, money, energy) and like you’ll never get there. But, once you reach the other side you look back and think, “I was so silly! That was so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

In many ways, what we’ve done with our lives is similar to what a glassblower does in his foundry. We conceptualized what we wanted our masterpiece to look like, we breathed life into it and shaped it into what we envisioned, and then we tested and tempered it in the fires of faith & sacrifice, of focus & dedication. Through it all, the Master Keys have helped us remain focused and motivated. And our masterpiece? It’s beautiful.

Life can be what it will be. You create it all.

Kathy Watts is an adventurer and a storyteller. She shares stories of her journey, and tips about traveling and about realizing your dreams, over on her blog:www.whereverwithyou.comCome join the party. 

Master Key Week 15, The Movement Begins by Mark Januszewski


Somehow talking about winners instantly makes our minds move to winner and loser and there it is, that conditioning we all are trying to break away from.

As members and Guides alike hit week 15, everything changes.   All the drills, all the hammering away to do the drills…and do them WITH EXCITEMENT vanishes.  The “aha” moments come, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly…but, they come.

The heartfelf emails begin showing up, like they do after “NARC” week…more and more often.   The staff is no longer seen as repetitive, long winded and too detailed.   The “applications” of the basics we drilled on for months start paying more and more dividends and the simple “tricks” – once the basics are mastered – members are no longer judging the pace, number of tasks or receptions…in a nutshell, it’s now fun.   Weekly we

Members still with us have paid the price and are harvesting now
Members still with us have paid the price and are harvesting now

build more and more pratical applications off the basics … that conversion from deep thought to useful, easy applications of the knowledge and results from change begin pouring in as fast as a member wants them to.

The emails of gratitude are great and we take the time to remind those who express thanks or wonder or bliss that we did nothing, you did the work, you’ve earned this.

But, as always the case, there is even more…as we all begin to feel the release from the bondage of our “conditioned self” and begin to think for ourselves, find our authentic self and experience freedom…the idea of service gets louder.   Once we touch this magnificent spot, thinking for ourselves and feel the joy that comes with that freedom, we want others to find this bliss…the ability to make change….the honor of keeping promises.

Success is service and those who “get it” …get the Master Key…know that the only way to keep it is to keep giving it away.   All of a sudden getting this into 3000 people’s hands and minds seems like too small a number….even the 2019 goal of 30,000 doesn’t seem big enough.    They are no longer “words” on a “statement of cause” … after all, finding ourselves is the greatest adventure on the planet and giving to those we love, know and care about…suddenly…when members understand, through hard work….this is a movement that can make a difference because it’s making a difference in them….we want everyone to have this “experience”

See, the sessions did not get any easier….nor the material…..what happens is that the winners, the folks who simply did the work, well, got better.  It was dedication and no one loses here….yes, 280 are gone but they are all invited back, simply not ready to absorb the truth and responsibility the Law of Growth carries….well, that’s not really true.

The ones who lose are the ones we do not find….the wonderful, kindred spirits mired in lives of quiet desperation…looking for hope.    And this is my pain…I know what this has done for us and 1000s of others….so how do we find them?   How do we help 30,000 and more rescue their dazzling spirit?  Break through the cement?

Welcome to my world, welcom to the movement you will all lead simply by being you and leveraging the resources…..oh, yeah, there is a 2 part plan.

1. Dig deeper and get all you can out of your unlimited potential                                                       2. Embrace the movement

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

Master Key: Clarity within Chaos by Derek Atchley

Bruce Lee, Be water

I started with this clip from Bruce Lee because I think it drives home the point of finding clarity in spite of what may be going on around you. Yes, life is busy. Yes, there is a lot pulling our attention one way or the next. Yes, if you let it life starts to drive you rather than you driving it.

I have been doing a lot of sitting and thinking about this post… Do I dig into one thing from The Master Key? Do I dig into Og and what he is saying in Scroll 3. Do I talk about what is like to be a guide/staff and my experience in round 2? There is so much to talk about, but this theme kept coming to me, this message of clarity. So, I thought I better listen to subby and share.

One of the big questions, is how is there enough time in the day or week to get all the things done that I need to get done? It really is very simple, it is all about finding clarity.

The key is finding your purpose, your driving force. In the Master Keys we define that with a DMP (Definite Major Purpose) that we frame with two PPNs (Personal Pivotal Needs). PPNs are really just what it says that are pivotal in your life having meaning. I have found that once I had done this and really nailed what both were for me, time had a very different meaning. I realized that time is not a linear entity that I have no control of. It is a fluid thing and the observer (me, you, or anyone) can alter and change it… Okay that may be another post but just know that you actually can control your time in a very solid way by observation and slowing down.

One of the keys to slowing down is realizing what does and does not advance your PPNs. For example, does it serve me to spend an hour a day on youtube watching surfing videos or taking on a side thing that may bring in income but really doesn’t really serve the bigger picture? Nope, but we all seem to find something unconsciously that can draw us in and before we know it has wasted an hour or more. But when you keep in front of you the simple thought of your DMP combined with your PPNs, you can become very flowing.

And just as Bruce Lee says, you can then become like water. You can become what you need to become in any circumstance. You become flowing in your reality and just like Unknownwater you (here is your Og insert) can wash away your mountains, and be standing in your bliss.

So I leave you with Lee’s thoughts…

Be water my friend, Be water!

In love and growth

Derek Atchley

Hard Mental Exercise by Derek Atchley

This week in the Master Keys we are diving into the brain and how to exercise it and focus on the things you want to create in your life.

Sounds simple does’t it?

And it is from time to time, but its like going to the gym. If you go once a week you will have limited success. Same is true for the mind, if you read something good every now and then or you focus on what you want out of life every now and then you will also have limited success.


Have you ever really take a day or two or a week and observed the thoughts and words in your head?

It really is a jolt of reality when you realize that the majority of the thoughts are either based around fear or are negative in nature. Even people who say to be of a positive nature find this to be so.

You see in a way it really isn’t your fault, we were hard wired to pay attention to negatives, it was a way to protect us when we were hunter gathers. You come into this world with only two fears but then society gets to add its HEAPING mass to those. Before you know it, that is what fills your head all day.

You can change these thoughts and set a new course for your future. But it does take work, it takes an exercise of sorts.

As Haanel points out 8.14 changing negative thoughts is no different than breaking a type of addiction. He states, “ Constructive imagination means mental labor, by some considered to be the hardest kind of labor, but, if so, it yields the greatest returns, for all the great things in life have come to men and women who had the capacity to think, to imagine, and to make their dreams come true.”


Here is one of the keys or tricks if  you will to break this cycle and start a new path, it is called the “Law of Substitution”. You see you can not entertain two thoughts at the same time… Really! Give it a try… Impossible isn’t it? You can not be angry while thinking love, you can not focus on emptiness while focusing on gratitude. If you chose to pay attention to your thoughts you can start to rewire your brain. When you notice a negative thought entering your mind, notice is, take note, and then shift to a thought of love, or gratitude, or hope, or anything positive.

By doing this you are training your mind. From there you can start doing the hard mental work of  rewiring your brain. Again as pointed out in 8.7 of the Master Key System, “the imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed.”

How exciting to know that you have created your life by your thoughts! Okay, if you are like me you probably just thought, “Well Crud!!!” That is okay though the exciting thing is that today and every day moving forward YOU now have the knowledge that by shaping your thoughts you are shaping and brining to you what you are thinking about.images

Yes, there is more to this than just thinking but for now just take note of your thoughts.

Mahalo and Love,

Derek Atchley

Clarity of Thought by Derek Atchley

So here we are, we meaning me, back into the depths of the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. As we dive back into this, I want to make sure to point out that this is not just a book, actually it is not a book at all. When it was developed it was a 24 week Correspondence course, that was delivered one week at a time.

Now going through my second study of the material, there is a different feeling, I am having different take aways and a MUCH deeper connection with the material.

I want to take a little time this week and look at the week I just finished, and from here out will always be looking at the previous week of study.


Haanel, in week 7 talks about Nikola Tesla and the power of thought. You see Tesla NEVER built something until having it perfected in his mind. He would not rush the process to construct it physically until he had it just right in his mind. What a concept!!! In our current world, people want everything yesterday. It is just what we have gotten used to. Just the other day I  was opening up the web to show a patient something and it was opening to slow for him. So he got up, got his phone and started going to the site on his own. I laughed a little… just a little over a decade ago, it was a very slow process to use the web. Now we are connected at a speed that is astonishing. The problem is that this has carried over to all aspects of our lives. We have become end product driven, not ever focusing on the process, and then being frustrated when the end product is not what it should be.

Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time in quiet reflection as directed to by Haanel. Everyday, every chance I get I take my mind to the life my family and I are creating in Kauai. As I drive down the road, I see the surrounding there not here in New Mexico. I feel the warm breezes as I soak up the life giving sun. I understand that the more I can make concrete in my mind what I want, how I want it, what it will feel like, and what I will feel like when I am in the moment, that the Universal has no choice but to create it.

We create every aspect of our lives, we do this with diligence or we do it with neglect to the process. Either way our thoughts are always creating. Just as it says in Week 7 paragraph 3 (7.3) I can BE what I WILL to be.

It has been a crazy year, I have connected with some amazing people that have followed these principals and are living their dream life. It’s amazing to me, we are given the free will to live what ever life we want, but a vast majority are not. They are living the life they think they should live or that others / society have designed for them.


This really is an exciting time to be alive… You see the Industrial age is coming to an end. The days of going to school, playing the corporate cycle of todays work force is obsolete. People are waking up to this, they are starting to live a life of their own design. They are creating amazing adventures, and lives built around those adventures.

I want to encourage you, as you read this post and future thoughts that, YOU deign your life. How much thought are you putting into it’s development? Are you poring over all the details in your mind? Creating, visualizing, living in that visualization and then tweaking just as Tesla did with his inventions. You know, once he took the thought from his mind to the physical equivalent he never once had to alter his creation. They worked just as he knew they would.


My hope is that you are clarifying the life of your desires in your mind so that the Subconscious or world within has all the parts and pieces to create that life in the physical or the world without.

Into the Journey we go.

With Aloha,

Derek Atchley

Week 20: 3 Daily Keys to Add Power to your Day by Derek Atchley

Yes, three things.

Not a laundry list of the unthinkable undoable.

Just two very simple things. But if you can do these three things over the next six months your life will be changed forever.

I know, kinda a big promise and if I didn’t know it to be true I wouldn’t throw it out there for you.

Are you willing to really sacrifice, sweat, bleed and do what needs to be done to add tremendous power, focus and energy to your day?

Okay, grab a piece of paper you are going to need to write these downamigos

1) go onto Amazon and buy 2 copies of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. With in the book lies six scrolls, start with scroll marked 1 and for the next 30 days read that scroll only. Once when you awake, once after lunch and once right before you head hits the pillow. After 30 days move on to the scroll marked 2 and repeat until you have gone through all 6 scrolls. It does not matter if you are in sales or not.

2) One time a day find a quiet spot and sit perfectly still, between 15-30 minutes. Do not itch your nose, do not tap your foot, don’t do anything. If you do you need to start the timer over again. Don’t worry about what to think or what to focus on. Your mind will answer that, just try to keep all the day noise out of it. If you start thinking about bills, or facebook or stuff like that bring your mind back to quiet and continue on. Keep a journal next to you for when you are done with sitting, there may be some ideas or thoughts you want to write down to take action on or think about.

3) DO IT NOW!!! Of course I mean the other two statements above but I also mean every and anything in your life. Taking out the trash, making the bed, that big project, the little project. Yes, all of it. If you continue to procrastinate on life, life will procrastinate on you. I kinda think that the Universe figures you are in no rush so it will attend to the others that are doing it

All of these seem simple enough, yes?

And I know from personal experience, they can be OR they can not be. The last one used to be a tough one for me. I don’t know why, it used to always be easier to put things off. Maybe it was some sort of fear, or something, I really don’t know. What I do know is that it stops forward motion in your life.now1

There you go. Three things that if you do them, I promise will change your day, your week, your year and your life.

In Health and Success,
Dr. Derek Atchley

Week 19: The Law of Default by Derek Atchley

This week I have something that I have been thinking a lot about and you can name it whatever you want but I have named it the “Law of Default”. We are going to break this down a little and at the end of this I want you to really spend some time thinking about it and acting on it. As always, if you feel this is worth while info give it a like, a comment and even a share.

The Law of Default

Simply stated the Law of Default is taking the attention off of you and placing it on someone else or something else.

In this World of me, me, me, we have forgotten about the power of others. What I mean is that you are stifling your growth when you are only worried about your success or your ego.law1

I’m gonna use the example of a Network Marketing Business. If you have built a good size business and you are always worried and focused on “your check” or “your volume”, guess what? You are always going to struggle and maybe have a hard time keeping business partners. Same goes for all business.

BUT… If you take your focus off of you, throw your ego out the window, stop worrying about what rank or pin level you are you are going to experience something magical. That magic is the Law of Default kicking in. You see, helping others creates an energy an energy that let’s the world know that you are in service to it. You create excitement by stopping and caring about others.Helping_Others_Succeed

I’m not talking about the silly pep talks, or weekly calls that say “hey, you’re this close to this pin level”. You see all that does is frustrate and demotivate people. Simply because they have enough of that in their lives. Enough of people saying, “work harder”, “oh so close”, “well you are almost good enough”.

Again, here is the magic… They almost NEVER have anyone actually reaching out their hand and saying “grab on, we are going to do this together every step of the way!” and then someone ACTUALLY doing that. WOW, that’s powerful.

In case you aren’t getting this, what I am saying is, don’t tell someone you are there and then only wait for them to call you. They have NO idea what needs to be done and here is something else I have learned the majority of the so called “leaders” in any industry don’t either. They are all playing in a pretend world. So, first get some skills!!

Are you catching on to what the “Law of Default” is?

Man, I hope so!!!

Because it is the difference between okay and AMAZING.law2

I have seen some “successful” people who might as well of won the lottery. They some how fell into the position they are in, they might have worked like crazy to get there but really have no idea what it means to be that leader. Then there are some that are purely there for others, everything they do is to help the next person live a better life, make an extra $500 or whatever a week. Those are the people that understand this law.

My challenge for you this week is simple… Drop the ego, drop the “I want this pin” or whatever it is. Go Find one or two people and get to work FOR them.

In Health and Success,
Derek Atchley, D.C.

Please feel free to share the post with friends…

Week 17: Concentration and Obsession By Derek Atchley

Week 17 has been a ride…

I have notes all over my pages, something I had not been moved to do until this week.

But the big kicker for me was in 17.6, and especially this part, “The greatness of an actor lied in the fact that he forgets himself in the portrayal of his character becoming so identified with it, that the audience is swayed by the realism of the performance… Such concentration leads to the intuitive perception and immediate insight into the nature of the object concentrated upon.”obsess


Everything obsess about comes into reality, right?! That’s what it is saying…

So I think back, think back to things that have materialized in my world and WHAM…

Yep, I obsessed!!! I was already there, already driving it, already moving, already whatever

mind1But our Dreams, our Goals… The big ones, those are kinda different right?


The universe does not know the difference between a grain of sand and the mountain. So why do we play so small, why do we not become obsessed with out lives, with our                                                                                             purpose?

Couple thoughts… Fear, lack of concentration, lack of belief, lack of sound council, lack of action and I am sure there are a couple more.

But you see, if you lock something into your mind, into your heart (more important than mind) and you focus on it, you become it, you live and breath it. As 17 talks about, you capture the soul of it and in the soul, you have it. The physical is then merely time

This is short this week, it needs not be long


1)Figure out what it is that is your purpose

2) sit in quiet for no less than 15mins a day, living in that thing

3) listen to your intuition when it is guiding you in a direction. It is trying to guide you to that thing

4) Walk in pure faith not in fear

As my friend Mark J. Says…


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